5 Best Places to Travel with Children

Suddenly they stop being two and everything gets complicated! But does traveling
with children have to be so complicated? Check out the holiday destinations to snow and check out tour book tips, as well as activity and tips.

1. Travel with children to the Azores

Why travel with children to the Azores? Beach, mountain and lots of nature are
some of the main attractions of the Azores. Add to that, the linguistic ease
and the ease of finding the products your children are already accustomed to.
What more could you ask for on a family vacation? If you are in Portugal, this
is also a cheap destination with cheap trips.

Activities and tips for children in the Azores Would you like to see whales? Do you
think your son would like to see whales? We believe that yes and that is why
this is one of the activity and family that you can not miss in the Azores.

2. Travel with children to Paris

Why travel with children to Paris? Of all places to travel with family,
Disneyland Paris is certainly the most popular amusement park! In addition to
the various carriages and roller coasters, do not miss the Disney shows, or the
opportunity to take pictures like Mickey, Daisy, and Goofy!

Activities and tips for children in Paris: Before traveling to Disneyland,
enjoy a day to visit Paris. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower with your
family and then enjoy a family picnic in the Champ de Mars gardens – a Parisian

3. Trip with children to Copenhagen

Why travel with children to Copenhagen? The capital of Denmark is one of the
most colorful destinations in Europe. In addition, it is a safe, flat and small
city, ideal for those who are traveling with babies or very small children who
need a cart. And if in Copenhagen in the summer, you can enjoy the parks; in
winter, enjoy making a snowman!

Activities and tips for children in Copenhagen: Cycling is the best way to
explore Copenhagen. The inhabitants are very careful and little given at great
speeds – the same with the cars. If you are traveling with small children, you
can put a chair on your bike, for example. And since you’re here, why not visit
Legoland in Billund, a mere three hours from the capital?

4. Travel with children to London

Why travel with children to London? Think of everything you enjoy in the English
capital and think about how fun it will be to do all these activities with the
children in London. For example, feed the squirrels in Hyde Park, watch the
Queen’s Guard render, take family photos on Abbey Road and many more! All these
are free activities to do in London, meaning you do not need to spend a lot of
money to entertain them in the English capital.

Activities and tips for children in London In your home are fans of Harry
Potter, the most famous wizard of Hogwarts? Then you can not miss the 9 3/4
A platform at Kings Cross. Another idea is to catch a train here to Edinburgh. The
train London Edinburgh pass the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was popularized in the
Harry Potter films.

5. Travel with children to Dublin

Why travel with children to Dublin? Believe us, the Irish are very, very
friendly indeed. More: in the Irish capital, it does not matter if it rains or
shines, as there is always music everywhere and lots of excitement on the
streets of Dublin. In addition, it’s a vibrant city with a very recent history
and for sure the whole family will love it!

Activities and tips for children in Dublin: Have you heard of Leprechaun? We
tell you more: the Leprechaun is known to be the cobbler of fairies. A pixie
with a beard and who likes to dress in green. If you are traveling with children
to Dublin, do not miss the Leprechaun Museum, one of the main points of interest
in the capital. Here you can learn more about Irish mythology and folklore, in
a museum where everything is giant and where children and adults feel tiny.