Important Things You Should Know Before You book Bhutan Tour – A ride to the land of thunder dragons

Riding through the high, adventurous and literally breathtaking realms of Bhutan, is once in a lifetime experience whose immaculate thrill cannot be defined but only be felt. Nature inspires one to look into one’s self and find ones inner peace; hence it is advised to travel Bhutan for its unique experience.

The tourism industry in Bhutan is well established. They have unfolded to show their beautiful assets in a very lucrative way that will surely tempt a connoisseur of nature to yield in to Bhutan tour.

Dressing up for the Bhutanese is always a social and joyous occasion! Namgay, our activities manager, took these stunning photos two days ago at a festival held at Gangtey Monastery, a 10 minute walk from our Lodge. It was performed by the monks of Gangtey Shedra (monk college), and occurs every year on the 29th day of the 5th lunar month. The festival celebrates one of the biggest rituals of the year, a ceremony to pray for all sentient beings and world peace, and has been practiced for centuries, since the 2nd Gangtey Tulku. Come and join us next year and experience it for yourself! Email us at We can’t think of a better reason to get dressed up! 😊 #julyingangtey #happinessisbhutan #facesofbhutan #gangteylife

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Cultural trends in Bhutan

The rich cultural heritage of Bhutan which has transcended from centuries has manifested itself in the form of artworks and temples across the country.

The traditions that have been handed over from generations provide a great insight for the tourists to not only learn about their culture but also give them a chance to indulge in the various customs which gives them a unique experience within itself.

Apart from the cultural side of this mountainous country, the steep mountains provide you with an unforgettable experience when it comes to trekking on those sloppy hills.

Awesome landscaping of the Bhutan

To the east of Himalayas lies this country, with a treasure trove of beautiful and awesome natural galleries. Bhutan tour provides you with an excellent experience of freshness and amazing spirit of happiness.

These feelings help you to rediscover yourself here. To cruise through the country various packages regarding various outsets of the country have been designed.

These packages enable the tourists to cherish in that aspect of Bhutan which lies in their sphere of interest. The categorization of these tours is based on the following aspects:

Cultural Tour Package:

The cultural tour provides you with packages round the year which enables you to visit various cultural itineraries at appropriate times. Glimpses of Bhutan Tour (All year round) is for 4 days, Bhutan Peaceful Dragon Tour is scheduled for a period of 7 days,

Bhutan Mystic Tour is a hiking and cultural tour is for 9 days, the Bhutan spiritual beauty tour is a cultural tour for 14 days, Bhutan spiritual Beauty tour for 14 days are the most famous cultural packages to travel Bhutan.

Festival Tour Package:

The Bhutan festival tour packages are surely a splendor to eye; this will surely persuade any festive lover Bhutan tour.

The Thimphu festival lasts for 7 days, Jambay Lhakhang Drup festival is for 12 days. These festivals are sure enough to impress any tourists with celebrations on large scale.

Adventure Sports:

Bhutan is a favorite spot for people who want to go on an adventure with amazing thrills. The popular adventure sports that are famous among the tourists in Bhutan are mainly cycling and trekking and birding the latter being more famous must watch here

There are wide number of trekking spots some of which contain difficult trek paths and the others, easy trek paths which are safe and also thrilling. Both professionals and beginners can have a lot of adventurous fun here among these mountains.

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5 Best Places to Travel with Children

Suddenly they stop being two and everything gets complicated! But does traveling
with children have to be so complicated? Check out the holiday destinations to snow and check out tour book tips, as well as activity and tips.

1. Travel with children to the Azores

Why travel with children to the Azores? Beach, mountain and lots of nature are
some of the main attractions of the Azores. Add to that, the linguistic ease
and the ease of finding the products your children are already accustomed to.
What more could you ask for on a family vacation? If you are in Portugal, this
is also a cheap destination with cheap trips.

Activities and tips for children in the Azores Would you like to see whales? Do you
think your son would like to see whales? We believe that yes and that is why
this is one of the activity and family that you can not miss in the Azores.

2. Travel with children to Paris

Why travel with children to Paris? Of all places to travel with family,
Disneyland Paris is certainly the most popular amusement park! In addition to
the various carriages and roller coasters, do not miss the Disney shows, or the
opportunity to take pictures like Mickey, Daisy, and Goofy!

Activities and tips for children in Paris: Before traveling to Disneyland,
enjoy a day to visit Paris. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower with your
family and then enjoy a family picnic in the Champ de Mars gardens – a Parisian

3. Trip with children to Copenhagen

Why travel with children to Copenhagen? The capital of Denmark is one of the
most colorful destinations in Europe. In addition, it is a safe, flat and small
city, ideal for those who are traveling with babies or very small children who
need a cart. And if in Copenhagen in the summer, you can enjoy the parks; in
winter, enjoy making a snowman!

Activities and tips for children in Copenhagen: Cycling is the best way to
explore Copenhagen. The inhabitants are very careful and little given at great
speeds – the same with the cars. If you are traveling with small children, you
can put a chair on your bike, for example. And since you’re here, why not visit
Legoland in Billund, a mere three hours from the capital?

4. Travel with children to London

Why travel with children to London? Think of everything you enjoy in the English
capital and think about how fun it will be to do all these activities with the
children in London. For example, feed the squirrels in Hyde Park, watch the
Queen’s Guard render, take family photos on Abbey Road and many more! All these
are free activities to do in London, meaning you do not need to spend a lot of
money to entertain them in the English capital.

Activities and tips for children in London In your home are fans of Harry
Potter, the most famous wizard of Hogwarts? Then you can not miss the 9 3/4
A platform at Kings Cross. Another idea is to catch a train here to Edinburgh. The
train London Edinburgh pass the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was popularized in the
Harry Potter films.

5. Travel with children to Dublin

Why travel with children to Dublin? Believe us, the Irish are very, very
friendly indeed. More: in the Irish capital, it does not matter if it rains or
shines, as there is always music everywhere and lots of excitement on the
streets of Dublin. In addition, it’s a vibrant city with a very recent history
and for sure the whole family will love it!

Activities and tips for children in Dublin: Have you heard of Leprechaun? We
tell you more: the Leprechaun is known to be the cobbler of fairies. A pixie
with a beard and who likes to dress in green. If you are traveling with children
to Dublin, do not miss the Leprechaun Museum, one of the main points of interest
in the capital. Here you can learn more about Irish mythology and folklore, in
a museum where everything is giant and where children and adults feel tiny.

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6 Holiday Destinations to Enjoy Snow

Even in a city where it is not usual to snow, a holiday in the snow is always part of the idyllic winter. Let’s turn dreams into reality and prepare a snow getaway, skiing in the snow, ice skating, warm clothing and making snowmen. Check out some of the Best Places to Travel with Children.


Andorra is one of the most popular places to ski in Europe! The liveliest months go from December to April, but Andorra is also rich in beautiful scenery and very popular with fishing enthusiasts. After all, we are in the Pyrenees! Another popular activity in Andorra is shopping! Being an independent state, Andorra has its own laws and fees – incidentally, if today Andorra is such a prosperous state much is due to winter tourism and the tax haven status of this state. Also because of this, shopping in Andorra is such a popular activity, as the rates are much lower!

  • Where is Andorra: Located a few hours from Barcelona, Andorra is situated in the Pyrenean mountain range between Spain and France.
  • How to get to Andorra: If you are looking for cheap flights to Andorra, consider traveling to Barcelona and from here you can take a low-cost flight to Andorra – Vueling operates this route. Another option is to travel by bus. Eurolines has trips from Barcelona to Andorra, which lasts about four hours.
  • Weather in Andorra: Between 7 and -2
  • What to do in Andorra: For skiing in Europe, Andorra is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. There are 3 Andorra ski resorts: Grandvalira, the largest of the Pyrenees; Vallnord, which offers various activities for non-skiers and Naturlandia, which is open all year.


When we talk about snow, the snow in Switzerland comes to our imagination. There are so many tourist spots in Switzerland that choosing just one winter destination is not easy! We chose Lucerne, thinking of the mountains and Lake Lucerne. Believe in winter and with all the scenery covered in white, this is a landscape of a very special beauty. Despite being a city full of tradition, this is also a city that breathes modernity and is, therefore, a good example of what Switzerland is. Enjoy a train ride on the Wilhelm Tell Express, the train that crosses Lake Lucerne, certainly one of the most beautiful train journeys in Europe!

  • Where is Lucerne: It is located in Switzerland, in the German canton with the same name.
  • How to get to Lucerne: You can fly to Zurich or catch a flight to Geneva . From here you can take a bus or train to Lucerne.
  • Weather in Lucerne: Between -3 and 4
  • What to do in Lucerne: Enjoy visiting the Chapel Bridge (in German, “Kapellbrücke”). All wooden, this is one of the oldest covered bridges in Europe.


No doubt the Scandinavian countries have a special beauty in winter: snow, decorations and Christmas markets , as well as various traditions. Perhaps because it is more lively than Oslo or more colorful than Stockholm, the capitals of Norway and Sweden (respectively), Copenhagen is the most charismatic of the three Scandinavian capitals in the winter. Achieving to create the true hygge , a Danish word used to define cozy environment. Enjoy strolling along the Copenhagen canals while sipping your Gløgg (hot wine) and dine on Aebleskiver, an apple afternoon very popular in Danish gastronomy.

  • Where is Copenhagen: Located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, the capital of Denmark is quite close to Sweden and is bathed by the Baltic Sea.
  • How to get to Copenhagen: Norwegian airlines and Tap Portugal have Lisbon Copenhagen flights. The flight to Copenhagen lasts about 3h40.
  • Copenhagen weather: From 5 to -2
  • What to do in Copenhagen: Christmas in Denmark goes back to the Yule , a pagan commemoration, begun with the Vikings , which runs from the end of December until January, ending with Winter Solstice. Hence the importance in Denmark to details such as holly or tree trunks in the holiday decorations.


Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, one of the northernmost regions of Finland. You know where we are? Is it clearer if we say Lapland is Santa’s land ?! And what better place to go on the Christmas holidays than there is Santa’s land? Located in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, here you can visit Christmas Village, as well as feed the reindeer in the Christmas Park, talk to the elves and have a few words with Santa – and maybe if you do not teach them some Portuguese word of mouth?

  • Where is Rovaniemi: Located in northern Finland, Rovaniemi is in geographical terms, the largest city in Europe, with 8,017 km2 of surface, occupied between land and water.
  • How to get to Rovaniemi: In order not to spoil the magic, Helsinki can travel on the Santa Claus Express. This night train departs every night from the capital of Finland, the city of Helsinki and ends at Kemijärvi, in the middle of the Arctic Circle. Tickets range from 21 euros for a common place and 124 euros for rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Rovaniemi weather: You can reach the -30
  • What to do in Rovaniemi: Yes, Christmas is the most magical season of Lapland, which at this point is filled with children who come to visit the Santa Claus Village. However, the Aurora Borealis is another show not to be missed, especially in the months of February and March.


In winter, holidays in the Alps mean lots of snow, sun and winter sports. If this is what you are looking for, we recommend you to grab your winter boots and travel to the Alps. The small town of Venosc is close to Mont-de-Lan, another charming winter town in France. At an altitude of 1 650 meters, the ski slopes have more than 225 km, being among the largest in Europe! The highest lane has (get ready!) 3,600 meters high

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The Best Destinations to Travel on Easter

Regardless of religion, Easter is a holiday sign and a good excuse for a breakaway in Europe! To think about it, we suggest you some destinations to spend your Easter holidays. And as we know that in GoEuro we have travelers with various tastes, we have included in our list of trips, destinations for Catholics, but also for those who are traveling alone and for those traveling as a family. We also have ideas for nature lovers, for the romantic and for the fairest.

For Catholics: Easter in the Vatican

visit the Vatican in Italy. Thousands of faithful gather in St. Peter’s Square to celebrate Easter. At this point, you can count on the presence of Pope Francis , who also celebrates the Eucharist.

  • Not to be missed in the Vatican: It is not in the Vatican, but in the Colosseum, one of Rome’s main attractions . Before Easter Sunday , the Via Crucis takes place in the Coliseum in Rome. Here the last hours of the life of Jesus are staged. Outside the Colosseum, several screens are placed, allowing the faithful and curious to accompany the procession from the outside.
  • How to travel to the Vatican Located in the capital of Italy, the Vatican has no airport. To get to the Vatican you should catch a flight to Rome. Enjoy the various low cost flights to Rome operated by Ryanair or Vueling from Portugal.

For Those Planning to Travel Alone: Easter in Berlin

Berlin already appeared on our list of best destinations to travel alone and makes perfect sense! This young capital has lots of cultural offerings and it is impossible for a traveler to get bored with so much there is to see and do in Berlin! In addition, it is a city full of history, safe, with a good public transport network and cycle paths, where you can easily communicate in English.

  • Not to be missed in Berlin: In April, spring begins to give an air of its grace, which means, the return of the Berliners to beers in the city parks . On Sunday afternoon, go to the Mauerpark, a kind of Flea Market, with several street food restaurants, with food from all over the world. Do not miss the various musical and street performers and, of course, the karaoke of the Mauerpark, where dozens of strangers sing together!
  • How to travel to Berlin: Both Lisbon and Porto already have cheap flights to Berlin operated by Ryanair. Lisbon easyJet has the cheapest flights from Lisbon to Berlin.

Family Travel: Easter in Seville

The Holy Week of Seville is one of the best known in Spain. However, even for non-Catholics, Seville is a city with several attractions, such as the Reales Alcázares or the Seville Cathedral. If you are traveling with children, Seville has the advantage of the climate and still its proximity to Isla Mágica , one of Spain’s most popular amusement parks.

  • Not to be missed in Seville: Enjoy exploring the Camino de Pasion route in Andalusia. Besides Seville, it also contemplates other cities in the south of Spain.
  • How to travel to Seville: From Porto, there are no direct flights to Seville. Already from Lisbon Airport, there are TAP flights daily. There are also frequent buses to Seville . If you are in Spain, you can always choose to travel by train or bus to Seville, as the city is well connected with other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga or Granada.
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Top 6 Travel and Luxury Tourism

Forget about cheap travel and low-cost travel, as this is a fancy item! We have chosen 6 destinations in Europe and for each one, we have selected ten luxury experiences! First, because tourism experiences is high in Europe and then, because even empty wallet, dreaming remains free, right?

1. Luxury tourism DISNEYLAND PARIS

Going to Disney Paris is a unique experience for the young and the old! Now imagine the experience in chic version! We talked about staying at one of the 5-star hotels on the grounds of Disneyland Paris, whose buildings seem to have come out of a fairy tale. But to make this moment a luxury experience for the whole family, opt for a personalized Disney tour where you will hear unique stories about Disney. In addition, you will have privileged access to the attractions, avoiding queues and confusions. It is worth it and it is these experiences for children and adults that never forget!

2. Luxury tourism LONDON

The London Eye is one of London’s top tourist attractions! The views are incredible and it is a must see in London tourism. What do you think of jumping in and out of a private podium in the London Eye just for you – and their companions? Another of the best experiences in London, is to fly over the capital in a helicopter . There are private companies that provide this type of experience in London, enjoy!

3. Luxury tourism PARIS

Paris is known for being the fashion capital! So what better experience in Paris than a day of shopping ? In the French capital, there are experiential companies that provide incredible shopping days in Paris, with the right to personal stylist , who accompanies you to the most luxurious shops, where they ensure a personalized treatment – with champagne or a cocktail! Some experiences include a private chauffeur and a luxury car for a tour of the most chic shops in Paris: Channel, Louis Vuitton, Dior or Armani, Avenue Champs-Élysées or Galeries Lafayette!

4. Luxury Tourism MADRID

As in all capitals, if you visit Madrid you can find luxury hotels as well as unique restaurants – and included in the Michelin itineraries in Europe. Our proposal of luxury is a little more daring: what do you think of an exclusive dinner while watching a game of Real Madrid ? In the Santiago Bernabeu stadium complex there are four restaurants overlooking the stadium : Asador da Esquina, Porta 57, Zen Market and the Real Café Bernabéu. One tip, book in advance, because especially on days of derby (Madrid Barcelona or Madrid Atletico de Madrid), restaurants fill up.

5. Luxury tourism ROME

Remember the book that became Liz Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love movie , where she tells how she left a comfortable and safe life in the USA to visit Rome and learn Italian? We propose something like this, but we want it to be a unique and very special experience: learning how to cook Italian food with the best chefs ! And if you do not like the chaos of the city, although in Rome until this is charming, you can always choose to take a cooking course in the field. Take a train in Italy and you will find Italian courses with a stay a few hours from Rome or in the region of Tuscany (where the beautiful Florence is).

6. Luxury tourism BARCELONA

If your favorite sport is football, you can opt for a dinner at the Camp Nou , the stadium of the Barcelona Futebol Club. However, Barcelona has other attractions and luxury experiences to offer to sports lovers . Like to play golf ? Then, half an hour from Barcelona is the Real Club de Golf El Prat, which has already received the Open de España of Golf nine times! If your passion is luxury cars and adrenaline, you can not miss the Formula 1 races at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit.

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7 Safety Tips When Making a Backpack

Making a backpack is almost a universal dream. But unlike a lot of people think, the recipe for making the perfect trip is not just having a disposition and putting a backpack on. Before the excitement to set up the script, find the best hostel and get cheaper tickets, you need to pay close attention to the most important: your safety.

To help you avoid problems while traveling, we separate some safety tips when backpacking. Check it out and start preparing the backpack!

Define your roadmap

The first step in deciding to make a backpack is to choose the places you will be going through. No matter if your backpack will be in Europe, South America or discovering the beauties of our Bhutan, all the planning of your trip will depend on the choice of your destination.

So you can buy your air tickets, book accommodations, research what documents are necessary to take and which insurance plan travel best fits the profile of your trip to maintain your safety anywhere.

Take copies of your documents

Always have a copy of your passport and documents with you, both printed and e-mailed, in case of lost or stolen documents. You can file the documents in the drive to get a warranty. Do this with cards, your travel insurance policy, air tickets and important vouchers such as lodging.

Take care of your luggage when backpacking

To take care of your luggage, the tip is to put identifier in the checked bags and the handbag. It is also important not to leave your luggage unattended or under the care of strangers. Already the tip for the hour of the accommodation is to have a padlock always with you to store your belongings more safely, even in the locker of the lodging.

Do not pass important information to strangers
In the excitement of meeting new people during a trip, we often let go of our discretion and forget that this can be a key security tip.

Information such as whether you are traveling alone or accompanied, where you are staying, how much money you have set aside to make a backpack, what valuables are with you, need not be told to anyone.

Divide your money

Getting money for travel can be the big question for several people when it comes to backpacking or an ordinary trip. The tip is to carry enough cash in case some emergency happens, but do not walk with all your money in your pocket.

Put in the wallet only the money of the day, keep the rest in the box and avoid opening it in front of other people.

Hire a safe trip to backpack

The main safety tip when making a backpack is to take out a safe trip . With the service, in case any unforeseen happens you will be protected. In addition, travel insurance is mandatory in some destinations and fundamental in any trip, be it national or international. And it will ensure your safety during the days of your trip!

When it comes to hiring trip insurance, another valuable tip is to stay tuned to your traveler profile and what are the coverages that will serve you better. If during your trip you plan to practice extreme sports it is important to check if your travel insurance plan fits with your needs.

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